April 06, 2020


One of our criminology students, Caroline Wagner, had the opportunity to go to King’s College in London for a simulation of climate change policy and action. Out of about forty international students, Caroline and her friend were the only two Americans in attendance.

Each person was assigned a leadership role for their country and Caroline received Minister of Environment and Climate Change. The day consisted of following news stories that led to meetings with other countries to discuss military action, policy changes and other events. Some awards were distributed and Caroline won the “Greta Thunberg Prize for Climate Activism.” 

Caroline is grateful for the financial support from the Department of Sociology and the School of Arts and Sciences that allowed her to attend this program. She adds: “My classes in the Intelligence Certificate helped me prepare for what I would be learning about that weekend. I was prepared to step out of my comfort zone and speak about topics that I knew a lot about from my classes at Catholic.”

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