Sociology: Knowledge of Human Social Activity

The Department of Sociology at The Catholic University of America offers a program designed to enable students to think systematically and critically about human social activity through the acquisition of the sociological imagination, and to help students develop analytical, research, and writing skills relevant to a variety of careers and graduate studies. Undergraduate majors benefit from the interdisciplinary studies and certificate programs that the University offers. Students get the chance to organize their sociology curriculum in three principal fields: crime and justice studies, global and comparative processes, and public policy analysis. Graduate students receive a rigorous scholarly training in those three areas and have an opportunity to work closely with the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies. 

The Department of Sociology also offers a five-year B.A./M.A. Sociology program to eligible students with outstanding academic records. For those students interested in sociology as a minor, the Department of Sociology allows students from other disciplines to gain a foundation in sociology research and an introduction to evidence-based interpretations of contemporary social problems.