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  • Stephen Cranney is a data scientist who received a PhD in demography and sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. He has either published or done client work using geospatial statistics, network analysis, machine learning, actuarial and demographic methods, qualitative methods such as interviews and content analysis, data visualization, unstructured data retrieval and cleaning, and advanced predictive analytics.

    Additionally, he maintains an active research agenda as a social scientist, specializing in the areas of religion, fertility intentions (why people want the number of children they do), and sexuality, although he has worked with statisticians, demographers, psychologists, business academics, medical researchers, sociologists, evolutionary biologists, political scientists, and criminologists. He is a Non-Resident Fellow at Baylor University’s Institute for the Studies of Religion, and has published over 20 peer-reviewed studies. He has been interviewed about his research by The Guardian, Deseret News, The Atlantic, and Christianity Today. He is married with six sons.