Police Officer at the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia



Anthony Bagileo

Graduation Year:

B.A. in Sociology

Current Job:

After graduating with my BA degree in Sociology, concentrated in Crime & Justice Studies, I applied for different departments for about a year. I was eventually picked up, selected, and graduated from the Police Academy August 16th, 2019. 
My main responsibilities are to protect the life, liberty, and property of the community I serve. I respond to calls both emergency and non emergency. I make arrests, write citations, and testify in court for both civil and criminal cases. I uphold the constitution and Laws of the District of Columbia. 
My education played a big role in me getting hired. For most police departments around the US, college degrees are not required. Having a bachelor degree gave me an advantage over other applicants. Once I was in the Police Academy, many of the courses I took in the academy were identical to ones I learned in college; because of this I graduated in top 3 of my academy class and made the academic honor roll. I learned a lot of life lessons in college, as well as the ability to manage my time and work schedule. These skills also contributed to my application processes, and my success in the academy and my career. Finally, sociology is the study of people and society, most of what my job entails is public interaction. I learned a lot in my sociology classes that has directly correlated to my work life. It has helped me calm hostile situations, provide empathy/sympathy appropriately when needed, and an overall better understanding of people in the communities I work in.