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    Brooks Singer has a diverse background as an accomplished attorney,  lecturer for undergraduate, graduate, and law school students; a former federal investigator; a former police officer and deputy sheriff; an associate general counsel; and a head varsity athletics coach for Catholic University’s Men’s Lacrosse program.

    Singer has years of combined experience in civil rights, criminal justice, law enforcement, policing and corrections, and juvenile justice. He also has experience working in the business field as an associate general counsel and corporate advisor. He is an educator with demonstrated ability to provide an interactive teaching environment while encouraging student participation and enthusiasm for learning.

    Singer has taught a variety of courses including Legal Externships Clinic, Becoming a Lawyer, Crime and Society, Criminology, Police and Society, Policing, Legal Issues in Sports Management, Sports Law, and Sociology of Sports.

    Brooks Singer also teaches at the Tim and Steph Busch School of Business and Economics.